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Thales renews PR contract with Limelight PR ME

After a successful 6 months contract, Thales, which is a French multinational company that designs and builds electrical systems and provides services for the aerospace, defence, transportation and security markets, has appointed Limelight on a retained contract to handle its media relations and corporate communications across the Middle East and North African region.

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4 more years…..

….of Michelle Obama. Following the success of President Barrack Obama in the US Presidential elections, it’s not just 4 more years of the 44th President, but also 4 more years of Michelle. And like any first lady, the past 4 years have included constant analysis of her clothes.  Every outfit documented, picked over and commented…

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P…P…P…Pick up a Penguin?

When you think of publishing brands the first to spring to mind is surely Penguin. It is the most iconic and one of the most successful British publishing brands of the past 70 years, who hasn’t read at least one Penguin published book? Penguin revolutionised the publishing industry. It was founded in the 1930s by Sir Allan…

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Tweeters – Are You Paying Attention?

I love industry events. International conferences to morning seminars, I love them all. Whatever the type they present vital opportunities to meet new people and hear new things.  Communication professionals tend to be particularly keen on these, for obvious reasons. For me twitter is an important part of the event experience. Most obviously this relates…

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Economics Cold Turkey

With Party Conference well under way I have no doubt we will be hearing from numerous politicians and experts from all party political colours on what needs to be done to fix both the UK and the global economy. (This argument has become a political broken record of late) The cause of the current  simple comes down…