Client Overview

Gulf Petrochem Group is a leading player in the oil industry, specializing in Oil Trading and Bunkering, Oil Refining, Grease Manufacturing, Oil Storage Terminals, Bitumen Manufacturing, and Shipping and Logistics.
Headquartered in United Arab Emirates, and having a presence in South Asia, the Far East Asia, Africa and Europe, Gulf Petrochem has emerged as one of the well-established manufacturers and traders of petroleum products in major parts of the world

Project Details

With multiple units under the umbrella brand – Limelight was asked to add a degree of brand consistency to its corporate image and raise awareness of the company’s integration across those divisions through the use of accurate reporting and coverage of its business developments

After conducting a media audit, Gulf Petrochem was known for particular products and services and not for others that were just as important to the business.

So we had to return Gulf Petrochem to the editorial agenda by identifying the top five media influencers in each sector; bunkering, refining, trading, shipping and storage. As a result of our media roadshow during the first three months, we had developed the relationships that could be leveraged throughout the course of our retainer with Gulf Petrochem.

This has allowed us to communicate news that is always given a high level of prominence and re-introduced its executive management as leaders of industry.

In developing the content to fuel the PR campaign, the positioning and key messaging has been critical and at every turn we ensure that all business units are mentioned as part of an integrated and global operation.

The reputation of Gulf Petrochem has evolved beyond the trade media and as a company that is now regarded as a major player in the downstream and midstream sector, international media outlets consistently seek out its executive directors for their thoughts and opinions on the volatility and issues in the oil and energy industry.

Furthermore we have successfully placed its executive management within Power 50 leagues, as key note speakers at major conferences and secured them a selection of coveted awards for their contribution to the industry, all adding to the company’s brand recognition.